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We are Pegasus Drop Zone. A brand new trampoline park experience in Burnley

We all know how restless a child, with too much unused energy can be. Trampolining, not only expends this energy (resulting in a calmer and less destructive tendency) but also increases fitness levels at the same time.

Cardio Vascular fitness has shown to increase alertness, focus and concentration with increased circulation of oxygen rich blood to the brain.

Adults and Children alike go away from Pegasus Drop Zone Trampoline Park feeling refreshed, having not only burnt pent up energy but also the stagnant calories whose sole aim is too attach themselves to our tummies and thighs.

Tests have shown on average, trampolining burns over 800 calories per hour – so our job is to help you keep fit and have fun, we are Pegasus Drop Zone.

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Questions and Answers

Everything you'll need to know (hopefully)

1. Why do I need socks?

Socks help make trampolining safer.  Each sock has a layer of grippers which ensure you won’t slip and ensure your bounce is clean off the trampoline material. It is a requirement that the socks used are purchased from Pegasus DropZone as this is a policy within the public indemnity.

2. What is the minimum number for a party?

The minimum number for a party is 6, for this the price starts from £14 per head.  You can find full details about our party options here.

3. Why do I need to sign a waiver?

Our terms and conditions outline the risks inherent to trampolining. Anyone attending Pegasus Drop Zone is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions prior to jumping. Like most sporting activities, trampolining creates the potential for injury even when done properly and following appropriate rules and guidelines. Our rules and safety guidelines have been developed in conjunction with recognised safety experts with the specific direction to meet or exceed industry best practice.

4. Do you have any job opportunities?

Currently looking to employ weekend staff for our kitchen, relevant qualifications are required, please forward your information and CV via the online form which you can find here. 

5. Is there a weight limit to bounce?

Based on the trampoline manufacturers safety standards, the weight limit for an individual jumper at Pegasus Drop Zone is 120kg.

6. What is the age limit?

Under 6’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times. There is no upper limit, although please be mindful you’ll be in a mixed environment with children and adults alike. Under 18’s are required to be signed in by an adult over the age of 18 if they are being left unsupervised. You must be 11+ to be left unsupervised.

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